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Organic whole coffee beans - GoodNorth Blend


GoodNorth Co. Blend

This blend was specially developed to produce a coffee that reflects all of the characteristics ofParadise Mountain Organics Coffee. Each varietal is individually roasted in order to showcase its own unique profile. Right from the start, this coffee presents an exotic flowery aroma. In the cup, it is full bodied with a wide range of depth. The finish is slightly smoky with hints of mocha and berries. This coffee is best enjoyed on it‚ own to appreciate its complexity.

Sustainably Grown

At 800-1,500 feet above sea level, located in the Northern Chiang Mai Region of Thailand, Paradise Mountain Organic Farm lies within the virgin forest. Thousands of indigenous trees create a canopy of shade for young coffee seedlings and a resting and nesting habitat for local and migratory birds. Today, if you were to view our farm from above you would never know there was a farm of any kind in this undisturbed forest. It is here that we grow 100% world class single farm, organic Arabica coffee.

 Using a method known as rustic traditional coffee farming, we grow our coffee without chemical fertilizers or pesticides. When we first began planting we did so without killing a single tree, this wild crafted method of planting is slow and difficult but it fits our vision of a good farm. Our neighbouring rain forest and small scale tea growers are also free of any pesticides and chemicals so no cross contamination occurs on or around our farm. All strains of our coffee are planted on GPS coordinated plots in correspondence with the plantation area in order for us to identify and separate the various types of coffee we grow. Our coffee is shade grown and all of the foliage and mulch is put back into the soil to be used as a natural fertilizer, after months of care and preparation our coffee is ready for harvest. From here we leave our coffee in its final parchment stage in order to maintain the coffee’s integrity and provide a natural barrier. Upon orders our coffee is hulled and the green beans are then shipped to the Rocky Mountains to be roasted.

Fair Trade

This project is unique from so many perspectives, it is about giving back to those less fortunate than ourselves. It is a legacy project for our children and their children, as well as supporting the surrounding Hill Tribe Villages. Careful attention was given to create a win for the Hill Tribe communities nearby, thus helping to put a wedge between the age old cycle of poverty and the Mountain Village people.

Ethically and environmentally, every step has been taken to ensure the quality, we have built this farm from scratch. This is the 11th year of the project and we have only just begun.

From building the road, to farm house construction, placement of the twelve power poles and finally electricity. The water system, the nursery, the processing plant and all the care to grow our own coffee plants and then to produce our own beans. Every achievement was a large undertaking and worthy of celebration.

Every step was carefully made to honour our commitment to Hill Tribes while producing the very best, high quality Organic coffee.

Paradise Mountain Organic Coffee sponsors two villages and is directly and indirectly involved in many projects in both of these communities. Everything from planning for a new school roof and a water catchment & purification system to school supplies, books, new clothes, blankets, winter jackets, soccer balls and new shoes.

Financial assistance for medical treatment and supplies. We provide full-time employment for 18 villagers and provide part time employment at harvest for many more.

When we first started the project we were up against a large well financed group that wanted to build a hotel-spa eco retreat, in roughly the same area. They were well prepared and very professional. Quite frankly we were shocked when the village elder told us after our much smaller and far less professional presentation that we were going to get the green light for the coffee farm and the other group was to be refused. When I asked why, I was told that what we represented was traditional work that the people could engage in with pride, and that being a waiter and bellhops did not appeal to the local community….so began Paradise Mountain

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